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Those Who Hunt Elves

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Those Who Hunt Elves DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Strongman Junpei, Hollywood actress Airi, teenage Ritsuko and their T-74 tank have landed in a world of elves, and the spell to send them home has run amuck and split into five pieces that appear as tattoos on the bodies of five young female elves. So they set out on a quest to strip evey elf they can lay their hands on until they find the missing spell pieces.

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Those Who Hunt Elves Graphic Novel 6

That madcap gang of elf hunters is back and more determined than ever to disrobe every elf who crosses their path. Desperation, driven by homesickness for Japan, leads to a battle against the evil Madame Grandbelle - and the elf-stripping accelerates! The search is escalating and Junpei, Airi, Celcia and Ritsuko comb the land, and even the ocean, in search of those precious spell fragments.

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