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SS Hell Triple Feature DVD (D) LiveAction Adult

SS Experiment Love Camp
In a secret SS love camp, ghastly experiments are being conducted to create a super race. Amidst the torture and rape, a sweet-n-tender Nazi named Helmut falls in love with one of the lovely test subjects. When word gets out about Helmut's virility, the impotent colonel removes his manhood. Consequently, Helmut and his female inmate allies exact a little revenge.

SS Camp Women's Hell
Greetings ladies. Welcome to SS Camp 5. Around here, we like to call it Women's Hell. You are here to serve one of two purposes. The attractive ones will be used to satisfy the German soldiers. The rest of you will undergo scientific experiments. During the course of your stay, you'll enjoy such tortures as bamboo under the fingernails, spiked brass knuckles to the gut, your head in a vise, and so on. You'll even be set on fire! Please enjoy your stay.

SS Girls
There is growing concern about high-ranking traitors in the Third Reich, but how to expose them? Madame Eva, Frau Inge, and some loyal Nazis round up local girls for prostitute boot camp. By the time training is complete, they'll be able to squeeze confessions from the kinkiest of traitors.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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