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Gundam 0080 DVD 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Jason Wagner - Aug 2 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
alot of people may tell you that 0080 is childish and boring, but they are wrong. It is not childish, certian parts are very violant (similair to AKIRA's violance) and everyting is very realistic. I personaly think that 0080 should always be aired as a marathon, or in halves (like this dvd) instead of by episode (cartoon network) and by 2 episodes (VHS). You don't get the series unless you watch alot of it at the same time. If you don't it will seem boring, uneventful and just plain bad.

also against what other people may say, this OVA has some of the best ms battles and designs ever. The battles are very crisp short and realistic, and if you watched ther series right, will make you feel bad after somebody dies. There are no flashy ms battles (gundam wing, gundam 0083) This is also a near complete opposite of 0083.

The episodes ussualy have the pattern of: action ep., charicter ep., action ep.

Buy the second DVD volume for the real action, but rent the first half so that you can watch them all at the same time (and make you like the series)

thats all that i can think of...

(please at least rent the entire series, you'll be missing a real good gundam series if you don't)

Robert B. Krause - Oct 5 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
A very personal account of war
War in the Pocket is unique because it doesn't focus on the actual battles of war but the effect they have. There are some very well animated battles but they take a back seat to the very touching story of a little boy who at first idolizes mobile suits and war but then learns the harsh reality. We also learn that both sides have sympathetic characters and no one faction is pure good or evil. Widely agreed upon as one of the best incarnations of Gundam, 0080 is a touching story with a poignant message. Absolutely Recomended!