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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Stuart Friedberg - Jun 11 2012
Rating: "Okay."
Cryptic if you don't already know Fate/Stay Night
I watched Unlimited Blade Works with no previous exposure to the Fate/Stay Night franchise. Coming at it cold, the movie started out extremely cryptically, and some really significant relationship changes (enemy to ally, etc) without on-screen explanations and plot-relevant offscreen healings from crippling (if not outright fatal) battle wounds did not help things through the middle of the movie. The conversion of the Grail (?) into a giant fleshy Blob of Doom near the climax is completely unexplained. Moreover, the ultimate significance of choosing the Unlimited Blade Works "path", or even that it's a significant choice (!), just whizzes right on by.

Having said that, this is lovely to watch, well animated, colorful, with a distinctive style to the combat sequences. So, by no means a waste of time, but probably much more rewarding to someone already familiar with Fate/Stay Night.

Drake K. Chandler - Oct 27 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
A great alternative to anime it's based on.
I tried my absolute hardest to watch Fate/Stay Night but just couldn't get past the first 4 episodes. I tried this movie as an alternative and was pleasantly surprised. The first 2-3 minutes as the credits role are quite confusing without knowledge of the first 2 episodes but the movie quickly gets an identity of its own after that. It is an entirely different route from the visual novel after all. It's good at answering your questions once it picks up, but the weird jumps from scene to scene can be bothersome. They did me. That was all merely your warning for the inexperienced. The actually movie is really good. The animation's beautiful, colorful, the characters look very third dimensional, and the action is very well stylized. And the characters for the most part grow extremely well within their hour and 45 minute time limit. Give it a shot if you aren't gonna watch Fate/Stay Night, and even if you do, it might have something new to offer. I wouldn't know.