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Inu Yasha Season 7 DVD Box Set (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Lorane Hudson - Feb 27 2010
Rating: "Okay."
Just more of the same :(
Seriously, I was insanely let down by this set. Unless there will be more episodes in the future, this one ended worse than Berserk, Evangelion or even Kare Kano. I started watching the show halfway through the first season and was hooked right away and have since bought every season in release. I understood that this would be the final season and expected some great battles and resolution between the many characters and relationships in the show. NOPE, NADA, just a complete sense of utter frustration. Not that the episodes weren't good, but they were the same as everything that's already been done in the last six seasons. Anyway, I guess this is more of a rant than a review, but this was so disappointing that I have left a review for the first time ever. So unless you can get this during a great sale or are a masochist, then do yourself a favor and pass on by. :(

Ciaran D. Gibson - Aug 8 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
an old favourite
originally one of my favourite series i have seen, but after the first few series it doesnt seem to deveope much and became repetetive with a dissapointing ending ... or rather no ending at all.

Thankfully for those dissapointed how this ended, with the finish of the manga they have finaly made a follow up season to give this show a real ending(after 6 years!?) i just hope they release an english version of that too soon.