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Dragonhead DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

On the way home from a school trip, an unexplained earthquake traps Teru Aoki's express train in a collapsed tunnel. The only other survivors of the catastrophe are his classmates, Ako Seto and Nobuo Takahashi. While waiting to be rescued - to no avail - the claustrophobic Nobus goes mad. Teru and Ako grope their way through the terrifying darkness and somehow find their way out. But what awaits them on the "outside" is a desolate landscape of utter ruin.

What could have caused such destruction? A natural disaster? A nuclear catastrophe? A time slip? With mixed emotions of hope and despair, the two head for Tokyo, encountering chaos and anarchy, including a crazed deserter of the Self Defense Foeces, nimura and a mysterious called "Dragonhead"...

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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