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Gatchaman: Collector's Edition DVD Box 1 (Hyb) (w/bonus DVD)

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Jim Midei - Mar 4 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the originals
For anyone not familiar with Gatchaman, aka, Battle of the Planets in the U.S., this os one of the anime series that solidified the boom of Japanese animation here. Along with the Super Robots of Grandizer, Mazinger, Getter Robo, etc,and the Battleship Yamato, this is one of the all time legends.

It takes a little getting used to it if your not familiar with the 70's era, the clothes, the language and the fact that the characters are renditions of birds, however the mecha, the conflicts between the 5 teammates, the fighting, the dark and disturbing plot lines keep the show moving. This was very popularand still is, that's why a feature film is coming out in 2009.

The ADV sets are done extremely well. I have the, ahem, Asian version with subtitles. The transfer on that is a little dark and the transcoding for the subtitles is either way off, or there are none. ADV has done a great job with the subtitling and the new voice dubbing is also very good. They cleaned up the film as best anyone can with a series that's 30 years old, everything is bright and colorful and the sound is clear. The only thing I wish was done better was the commentary on the extra features. Most of the time we hear mundane chatter from the actors, one girl all she does is make one word comments and laughs. I would have liked to hear what steps they took to prepare for the scenes, etc.

Overall this is a great set and a must have.