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Asian Cult Cinema Extreme Horror DVD Collection (S) LiveAction

Limited Edition Box Set of 7500 Units!

This box set contains four feature length movies:

Two horrific and blood-drenched stories intertwine in this graphically violent feature film from Kei Fujiwara (star of Tetsuo). A Tokyo police officer falls victim to a Yakuza body-parts selling syndicate. Numata, the officer's brother, investigates and discovers the evil Yoko, leader of the syndicate.

The alternate plotline involves Seaki, Yoko's Biology teacher brother, as he conducts experiments on the reanimated, limbless body of the missing police officer... keeping him alive with the blood taken from virgin high school girls.

This film caused a huge controversy in Japan when it was released theatrically, forcing the director to release it in a cut form even in the Japanese cinemas. This DVD release will be the complete, uncut version of the film.

DVD Features: An Exclusive Look at Scenes from ORGAN 2.

Evil Dead Trap
Nami, a talk show hostess, tells her audience to send in home videos to profile on her late night program. Soon, she receives an anonymous videotape in the mail - a tape containing terrifying imagery. She watches in horror as an unseen filmmaker follows a route to an abandoned factory…and brutally tortures and kills a woman on camera.

A camera crew is assembled and they set off to follow the videotape's trail to the foreboding location. What they find there is a horror beyond imagination! There is someone - or something - in the mysterious building. Something waiting in the shadows to torture and murder them one by one...

DVD Features: Original Theatrical Trailer, Audio Commentary from Director Toshiharu Ikeda.

Entrails of a Virgin
A group of people on a photo shoot in the woods take refuge in a dark house as a dense fog rolls in. When night falls, a mud-covered creature from the nearby swamp stalks them one by one, brutally killing them and performing horrific sex-games with the women.

DVD Features: Original Theatrical Trailer, Video Interview With Director Gaira, Essay on the Japanese Film Fogging Controversy.

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
In this extremely explicit follow-up to "Entrails of a Virgin," a doctor gets more than she bargained for after getting entangled with an evil Japanese Yakuza clan.

A woman commits suicide at a clinic after being brutally raped and injected with a drug called "Angel Rain" by the Yakuza. A young psychologist infiltrates the clan to avenge her senseless death and manipulates them, enacting her own brand of violent justice. Unfortunately, the Yakuza finally catch her too, and her fate brings gruesome death and destruction to everyone involved.

Spoken Languages: Japanese Dialogue with English Subtitles.


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