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Star Blazers DVD Box Set 1: The Quest for Iscandar (D)

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Sabrina Weiner - Aug 1 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
A Milestone in Anime, One of My Biggest Influences
First, I would like to say that the summary does not do this anime justice. This show, originally called Space Battleship Yamato in Japan, has been one of the defining events in cartoon history as well as my life. If you mention "Yamato" in Japan, you will receive looks of hushed awe; this anime had such influence. Star Blazers was one of the first cartoons on television to have an on-going story (Robotech came later), and clearly outshone what American television had to offer in story, characters, and maturity. I grew up on this show, and still feel pangs of heartfelt emotion whenever I hear the soundtrack play: triumph, fear, suspense, mourning. This show, like few, or no, others before it, has character conflict, personality development, and self-sacrifice.

I admit the animation does not compare to standards today, but if one remembers what animation looked like in the late 70's, it is impressive. The soundtrack is stirring, although there are tinges of the 70's at times. And the story is better in the second season, but the first season needs to be seen before it to fully grasp the impact of the series as a whole.

This anime has been honored and referenced in numerous later series - Robotech, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Nadesico - all pay tribute to this fine work by Leiji Matsumoto. The cliche of the cool anime villain with cape factor, if not originated here, definitely had an early appearance here; to this day, Desslok (the main villain) is my favorite fictional villain because of his sinister intelligence tempered with nobility.

Any anime connoisseur must see this at least once so that he/she may know of this foundational series.