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Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Hyb) (Special Edition) + Figure

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Reviews of this title:

Sarah A. Kraft - Jan 11 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Amazing, must Buy!!!
This is a for sure buy anime... its the second of two movie.. the first is just as good!! you don't need the first to understand whats going on but it does help.. I got this back in 2004 and I was just amazed on how good it was.. I bought this new copy for the action figure and lunch box... if you're looking for a good Sci fi anime but don't wanna have to buy a long going one this its an amazing way to go!!! Must buyyy!!!

Ogie Doggie - Nov 16 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
Spent all their time on animation and forgot that you have to have a story too!
They spend all their time on animation and none on the story Dual Matrix is the sequel to Poly Matrix (if you haven't seen Poly Matrix please go back and see the original 4 part OVA or even the first movie POLY-MATRIX (which was created from the 4 part OVA) - because they really short changed us on the story line in this DUAL-MATRIX.

After hearing about this sequel to the original movie and waiting for 6 months to see it I was really pissed off to see how they spent so little time on the story (which is what I admire so much about Japanese Anime).

Like Armitage goes off to Chicago back on Earth without telling Ross her husband (and leaving their 5 year old daughter too!). Ross transferred from the Chicago Police Dept on Earth so it would make more sense that she took him too since he knows the place and people.

They even went and changed history because Ross who in the first movie has half his body replaced by cyber parts (right arm and leg) now in this movie he has NO cyber parts (you'll see this in the very end of the movie when he is standing in the water at the beach). Why is that so important you ask? Well the whole THEME to ARMITAGE III is "a Robot becoming Human and a Human becoming a Robot'.

This is a great series that has real potential for growth - to bad we don't see it in this movie.

But it's still worth renting because they did do some good animation in this, just don't expect to have your mind challenge on this one.

Gabriel Castaneda - Nov 18 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
a good deal
this anime is a good deal for $9.00 u get the movie a figure and a lunch box and all for $9.00 you can't bit that price the movie is about robots/androids and for the extras there is 3 song + trailers and more so if you like action and assassin androids u will like armitage