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Hakaider, Mechanical Violator DVD (Hyb) LiveAction Adult

In the far future, peace and violence walk hand in hand....

The citizens of Jesus Town, a false utopia ruled by the iron fist of Gurjev and his cyborg enforcer Michael, long for savior from their veil of peace. While a small band of rebels search for a new weapon to aid in their fight against Gurjev, a dark force begins to stir. Hidden far from civilization lies what could be the answer to everyone's prayers...

After a long imprisonment, Hakaider, the destruction rider, is discovered by the rebel forces. Kaoru, a member of the rebellion, enlists Hakaider to aid in their fight. Now aware of the new menace, Gurjev seeks to crush the rebels and remove the threat of Hakaider once and for all.

Will Hakaider prove to be the long desired savior, or an unstoppable force that will destroy all?

DVD Features: Original theatrical aspect ratio (1.85:1), Full Theatrical Version, Director's Cut Version, Production Gallery.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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