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Eiken DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Ryan Clark - Jan 7 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent Anime!!!
Finally, this great anime is available on Region 1 DVD. Although the dubbing has a little to be desired, the DVD itself is up to par with the Region 2 Japanese release. I totally recommend this anime to any lover of huge breasts!!!

Michael B. Aragon - May 12 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
Inappropriately Hilarious Funny Harem anime (I think)
What a weird anime. But i love it sooooooo much. Mostly becuz its wacky out take on breasts sizes and wacky sexual humor. Its about a boy who just enrolled into an academy made up of all grades and years , and strangely enough to be invited to a club which is named "Eiken" Hey, what does Eiken mean anyway? I bet it means 'big breasted women' because those are the only members. BIG BREASTED WOMEN! A perverts paradise. Well anyway he develops a crush on on of the members, who's name is Chiharu. So he decides he will join a marathon( a very sexually oriented one) to win a big prize of money, to buy Chiharu a present for her birthday. Its actually a sweet story. Its just ruined by sexual innuendos. But that doesn't mean its not a bad movie. I think its my 3rd favorite anime. So that tells u something. So go out and rent it or buy it! Enjoy.

Ken J. Masters - Jun 2 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
watching this is just the theropy I need
I just cant get enough of the bouncing breast and futher more, this would have been a masterpiece if this was a longer series,but this is still a great anime flick for me. good job!

Jack Sprat - Dec 9 2005
Rating: "Okay."
Buy the manga instead
I hate to interrupt this nice little chorus of "Eiken rockz!", but the truth is that this anime is "so-so" at best.

It features a full hour of quality fanservice... and very, very little else. Having read the hilarious manga, I had really high expectations for this DVD. They weren't met. The plot didn't do the series justice at all; they took out all of the character quirks and personality that drove the manga and replaced them with enough sexual innuendo to choke a horse (or Austin Powers, whichever came first). Freud would have a LOT of fun with this show's imagery, because there's a thinly-veiled reference to naughty parts every five seconds. Feh...

The dubbing was just "okay", too. The ACTORS did their part very well (even though the English version of Densuke was too whiny at times). I liked the voices for Lin Grace, "Teacher", and Kirika in particular. It was the scriptwriters who dropped the ball here. There were lots of inexcusable mistakes that shouldn't have been overlooked (in the beginning they were talking about Densuke when it should have been Chiharu, later on Kirika repeated the announcer word-for-word, etc.). I HIGHLY recommend watching the subtitled version first, as it doesn't have those mistakes and makes the story more understandable.

This DVD isn't all bad, though. Like I said, the voice acting was good for the most part (especially the Japanese) and the music was nice. The art and animation were easily "Eiken"'s best features; it's a GORGEOUS show!!! The colors were super-sharp, and... well, let's just say this anime would make ADV's "Jiggle Counter" explode. Also, the plot is actually kind of sweet if you can get over all of the innuendo. Finally, "Eiken" grows on you somehow. I liked it considerably better the second time I watched it. Maybe I'm being hypnotized by the boobies or something... X_x

Anyhoo, the bottom line is that the "Eiken" anime is decent. If you compare it to the Eiken manga, then it sucks like Kirika on a banana, but compared with everything else, it's pretty good. Give it a shot if you're a fan of the manga (just don't expect TOO much) or if you're a fan of enormous boobs (hello, 95 percent of the audience). Adios!

(P.S. For those who liked this show, I recommend "Jungle de Ikou". It's funnier than this and has almost as much bounce.)

Roy A. Sandow - Apr 2 2008 ROYSCARTOON@YAHOO.COM
Rating: Pretty good!
Hilarious, very funny anime... lots of fan service.
A boy, (Densuke), enteres a school/academy (Zashono), gets his small frame "frame" by the president of "Eiken Club". Then there is an hour of fan service from panties to very large boobs. It is a roap of hilarious uproar that is a feast for the eyes. The anime is and hour of fun! This anime is very funny and very good. This is my first time writting about this anime; I haven't had so much fun watching

San cho - Feb 17 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
Tried way too hard
Being a fan of fanservice, perverted humor and harem anime in general, I picked up this title. Suffice it to say, I was rather disappointed with it.

First off, big breast gags can only go so far. After a while they began to feel forced. The jokes were also rather obvious for the most part and the plot, was fairly uninteresting. Character development was scarce, possibly due to the large cast.

This would have been much better it was a longer series, giving us time to get to know and love each character and see them as more than just a hilariously large pair of boobs.

J Green - Apr 26 2010
Rating: This sucked!
When I watched this a couple of years ago I had an urge to hurl-enough said.