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Comic Party DVD Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)

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Reviews of this title:

Peter Giese - Oct 17 2007
Rating: Pretty good!
Comipa Lives!!!
The entire series, or season 1 of "Comic Party" was most enjoyable.

The most favorite Episode was Episode 2, when Kazuki got started with his first Dojinshi. Though my least favorite was Episode 7.

The animtion was amazing, the voice actors were terrific (Good job, Rachel, Zoe, Liam, and Carol), and the storyline is like something out of a... well I rather not talk about it. But, the 4 mini-episodes were wonderful. Glad they didn't go nude, but I'll forgive you on Yu and Chisa saying the S-word.

This anime has many cameos, including Steel Angel Kurumi, Cyborg 009, and Right Stuf's own, To Heart.

Personally, I saw only 12 of 13 Episodes and is close to the end right now. Be ready to see how it all ends...for now,. You'll see.

My review: 3 1/2 stars ***1/2

Enjoy, My Brothers and Sisters! Enjoy Comic Party!