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Best Student Council DVD 2 (Hyb): Making the Grade

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Reviews of this title:

Peter Giese - Nov 5 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Just the Gokujou beginning
Vol. 2 of "Best Student Council" was just amazing.

Ep. 6: Reminds me of a halloween episode, except it's Puuchan we're talking about.

Ep. 7: Is there a reason Mayura is sometimes panicky? She's the Treasurer.

Ep. 8: Not bad. Though sad.

Ep. 9: Not bad. Though witha tell all story.

Ep. 10: Boys, I would highly recommend this as a favorite, if you do.

Animation was amazing, storyline was convincing, and voice acting was sublime.

My final review: **** 4 stars.