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Escaflowne Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Punk Anarchist - Dec 20 2007
Rating: Not all that good.
The anime is great, but this version is not
Please note that this 8 volume manga that calls itself Escaflowne, is not the same as the masterpiece you may have seen either on TV back in 2000, or if you have it in your DVD collection. This is suppsoedly a retelling, using characters that bare the same names as Hitmoi, Van and the evil pale-faced, Dialnau, as well as others. The Hitomi in this manga, is not the Hitomi you have come to know in the anime. She bares the same name, but it is not her. This Hitomi has long hair, glasses, and is rather a crybaby, who, in my opinion, seems to have sexual frustration for the guy who dares call himself Van. By the way, the Van in this manga is not Van in the anime. And Dilandau is not longer pale with blond hair, he's tan with dark hair! Sacrilage! To put it all in a nutshell, this "Escaflowne" manga, is not at all good. The characters are totally different than the ones we have come to know in the anime. The character design is also very tweaked, and the personality of the characters, again, are not the same as the ones in the anime. And where the heck is Merle?! I haven't seen her! *sigh* If only TOKYOPOP published the two volume Escaflowne manga, which is more like the anime many have come to know and love.