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Mirage of Blaze OVA: Rebels of the River Edge DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Susan Rivera - Apr 18 2006
Rating: This sucked!
It Says Love & War? Where Is The Love? This Really Sucks, No Love At All=^.^=
I Purchased The Tv Series Of Mirage Of Blaze & The Way Takaya Was Acting I Wasn't Impresed At All. Ok So There Was Some Mistakes That Naoe Did, How Long Is Takaya Going To Hold This Grudge? It's Redicules!

I Bought This Ova To Check If They Finally Be Happy Instead Of Takaya Always Treating Naoe Like Garbage. But You Know What? No Change! The Same Thing!

Whoever Wrote This Must Like Angst Stuff! x.X

Personally, Who Wants To Watch A Person That Loves Another Person But In Reality Treating Them Like They Were Garbage?

Not Me!

This Has Too Much Pride Garbage No Romance Just Treating The Person That You Soppousebly Love Like They Arent Worth One Cent!

Hey Naoe Go Take A Cruise Tell Takaya To Go To Hell, Dump Him & Go Get Someone Else That Will Appreciate You, This Takaya Isnt Worth One Cent! You Gave Takaya A Whole Tv Series To Think About Plus This Ova! You Are Worth More Than Takaya Himself Even Thou The Writer That Wrote This Thinks Other Wise Don't Let That Stop You Go Get Yourself A Margarita And A New Fish & Flush Takaya There Are Better Fish Out In The Sea! :) =^.^=