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Case Closed Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Raymond L. Martinez - Sep 27 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Cant wait
I cant wait for his movie to come out I just hope they will sell it in Iraq when i am over there. IF not i will ask my wife to sent it to me I just hope it wount get lost during enroute. I just cant wait!!!!

J M. Albin - Dec 21 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Wonderful Movie - Poor quality DVD
I received my pre-orded Detective Conan(Case Closed) movies The Last Wizard of the Century and Captured in Her Eyes this weekend. There is only one word available to describe my feelings for these: Disappointed!

I was extremely happy with the quality of the subtitles in the first movie Skyscraper on a Timer, even the second movie 14th Target, while the use of black box to cover the on screen Japanese text was annoying, at least the information matched the dialog. For these last two movies: 1. the alternate angle option for the opening and closing credits was missing. 2. the black boxes used to introduce the characters contained American names not the Japanese 3. the place names appear in black boxes sometimes others appear top of screen in normal type. 4. missing the snapshot storyline, that plays during the ending credits. (Need to have disclaimer that movie was edited for broadcast like they do for television since it does not match the picture released to theaters.)

I guess if you can tolerate the Americanization of the dialog and characters these movies have an interesting and mysterious storyline with excellent character development. I was hoping to replace my ancient fan-subbed copies with a more durable format as a companion to the R2 imported discs in my collection, but if this is the kind of quality that also appears in Countdown to Heaven and Phantom of Baker Street, I'm afraid all will end up being donated to the local library. They don't usually care if the sub-titled track is accurate.

Morgan Perry - Feb 9 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Familiar characters that didn't stay too long :(
The mystery is mostly figuring out the kid's note which is just confusing. After that it's pretty much a long episode from the series.

The Phantom thief kid appears in this movie and is one of my favorite characters from the show but ended up being a disappointment because he didn't appear much. If you want more Phantom thief kid hope for more episodes with him in them. Harley like the Phantom thief kid only appears for a short period of time. Ai/Vi is introduced which ruins the episode she first appears in during the sixth season of the series but she is properly introduced in the movie's intro.

This movie is kind of like a big episode from the show with a bunch of characters fit into it. The movie is fun to watch but has less of a mystery to solve. In each of the English Dub DVDs I expected some extra features and noticed a few changes in the movie but wasn't a big deal for me.