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Kimi Ni Todoke -From Me to You- DVD/Blu-ray Box Set 1 (S) Premium Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Rachel Westphal - Apr 13 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Great Anime, but...
First off, I love this show in and out. So with that, i will not be commenting on the anime but rather the packaging. A large text book sized hard box, an art book full of amazing art from the anime and two thin pak dvd cases which slide into the box one at a time. For instance the cases ore stacked standing. Its a nice box in all but its hard to store with your dvd or anime collectionsthats really my only complaint, but im grateful for its release in the US, and im glad there is no English dub, mainly because there is soo much Japanese culture and social behavior it would be challenging to get an American audience to understand, but for a Japanese cultural enthusiest its a wonderful coming of age, teenage akward romance.

Tiffany Thomas - May 9 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Great series
This series is great. To me it reminds me of the Wallflower except but more sweet. If your into comdey and romance then I'll ssy you pick the right choice. I do wish that I hope to see Dub version one day maybe from Funimation. But I'm to see it being brought to USA!