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Dragon Ball Z Movie 5 DVD (Hyb): Cooler's Revenge Uncut

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Reviews of this title:

William Ball - Jan 21 2002
Rating: Pretty good!
Really enjoyable movie for the DBZ fans..
This movie is the 5th Dragon Ball Z movie to reach American shores. It's original title being: "The Strongest vs The Strongest". Well, if you're a DBZ fan you know the score: All the good guys on Earth are enjoying themselves, in this case, Goku and the gang going on a camping trip. But then evil bad guy comes to Earth seeking it's destruction. Well in this case it has a twist: Cooler, Freeza's older brother has come to Earth to seek revenge on Goku for killing Freeza. This is pretty original considering most DBZ movie plots, revenge is not a subject touched upon very often.

A downside to this film is that it's too short, only 50-60 minutes! Cooler is a cool villian, but the script writers could've added another 30 minutes to develop his personality a bit more. This makes him look quite one-dimensional compared to his love-to-hate brother, Freeza.

Anyway, this movie has good animation, using some of DBZ's better artists. But the casual viwer can notice some animation flaws at times, but is still very good. The only way one could complain is if they're completely spoiled on the outstanding visuals of more recent shows like Cowboy Bebop, which they've probably forgotten this film was shown back in 1993!

FUNimation's recent DVDs have shown that they can do a damn good translation of the Japanese original. And they'll do no less one this disc. Hopefully the dub contains either decent bands or the original music... while I respect the English voice actors and their roles, the dub music peeves me at times.

So, to summarrize, This DVD is good for DBZ fans and action fans who can now finally get rid of their worn-out fansubs of the movie. Good animation and decent plot that could've been fleshed out. If you're a hardcore DBZ fan, you'll likely to know this movie is a prelude to one of the best DBZ movies. Oh, and I wish Funimation could've made a better DVD cover than just a screencap, how bout's using the Japanese video covers next time?

Dorian A. Whitney - Jan 25 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
It was great
This movie had lots of action and it was tight.

JUIDAR P. Huidar - Mar 6 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
I like the original version way better. The new music was actually really good except for the scene where Goku turns super saiyan, "I Watched You Change" what the flying $#&*!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway and the translation of script was down right nasty.... come on funimation!!!! I like the new music for the most part but keep the script the same AND use the original box covers!!!!!!!!