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Kobato DVD Collection 1 (S)
Ivie L. - Dec 18 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Kobato is a wonderful, heartwarming anime with all the magic familiar magic of a CLAMP series. There are also plenty of surprises for CLAMP fans, as several characters from their other anime (and manga) make appearances in the episodes. If you want to cry, pick up part 2 as well. I originally watched this on Crunchyroll, but with rightstuf's amazing holiday deal going on I picked up one set for myself and one for a friend who introduced me to the series. I am very pleased with the DVD release, and the art on the discs and packaging is lovely. Thank you Right Stuf!!
This Boy Can Fight Aliens! DVD (Hyb)
Craig R. Pruitt - Dec 18 2014
Rating: This sucked!
Nothing good about this.
Ok... First off, It's Random, Has no true story, Graphics were bad, The whole thing just wasn't worth even $1. It had a lot of potential if they added decent Graphics and If they modified the Story so you get an IDEA to WHY the Aliens wish to battle him... But None of that happened, Simply don't waste your time, Won't even try buying/watching "This Boy caught a Merman"

My Score Story 1/10 Graphics 1/10 Beginning / Ending 0/10 / 0/10
Sword Art Online (S.A.O) DVD 3: Fairy Dance Part 1 (Hyb)
Brittany Mattice - Dec 19 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
love this show
love this show but my god theres only 7 episodes in each set, an they want you to pay 39.99 for 7 episodes. just why when complete sets of other show sell for that. Prices are ridiculous
Samurai Bride DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)
Jonathan J. Romero - Dec 22 2014
Rating: Not all that good.
Poor Plot as Second Season
The story line is not very clear . The main characters have a dramatic shift in personal loyalties. Overall I found this not to be up to the standard set in the first season.