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Origin: Spirits of the Past DVD (Hyb) Special Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Vernon E. Parker - Oct 26 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Kinda Preachy
The premise is simple, although told in a very roundabout way. In an attempt to engineer plants that are more resilient to harsh climates and pesticides, man gmistakenly gave birth to sentient plants who proceeded to wage war on mankind in it's bid for planetary dominance. Oh yeah, this experiment took place on the moon and the plants proceeded to partially destroy it. The great jist of the story is man and plant need to work together instead of trying to kill each other. The first half of the flick was pretty amazing in it's storytelling and presentation. And while the visual style never really diminishes, the story pretty quickly gets preachy and diluted the second half of the flick.

Nejdet O. Arikoglu - Jul 12 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A very good Animation for only $8.99
The film is pretty well made the animation quality is very high and the visuals are quite captivating. The story has alot of elements similar to Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The ending is slightly different but still even the familiarity of the plot is not that off-putting. I recommend this animation strongly and after finishing it I considered myself very lucky to have bought it for only $8.99.