Boogiepop Phantom: Original Soundtrack 2-CD Set

The soundtrack to the hit horror-thriller Boogiepop Phantom! This 2 disc set is packed with a collection of some of the creepiest techno-laced tunes imaginable with a solid, pumping underground groove.

From Happy End by Flare to Angel in the Dark by M.Y.K.N., the audio thrash of this roller coaster never lets you go. Boogiepop Phantom, are you ready to scream?

2 Disc Set.
Total Running Time: 85 minutes, 13 tracks.

Disk 1:

  1. Happy End / Flare
  2. In Heaven / SiLC
  3. Penalty Taker / Audio Active
  4. Gataway / Susumu Yokota
  5. Delirious / SiLC feat 2k+D's of RED LINE
  6. Stormy Soup / AOA

Disk 2:

  1. Boogiepop Me Up / Ming & FS
  2. A Furrow Dub / Sugar Plant
  3. Torso / Sadesper Record
  4. Snow Coast / Yoshihiro Sawasaki
  5. Unstability / Hidenobu Ito
  6. Pone / Rei Harakami
  7. Angel in the Dark / M.Y.K.N.

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