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Appleseed DVD (Hyb) - Special Edition (Steel Case)

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Reviews of this title:

Cameron E. Bolan - Jul 30 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
This is the first Anime movie I ever watched. I have been a fan of Anime for only a little while and of that time I have grown to love anime. This movie is what did it for me. I loved it so much I went out and bought the sound track. This anime has action, Romance and fun Sci-Fi that any person of these three subjects would watch this movie and love it. This is a good anime for all.

Otaku Review - Jun 20 2008 otakureview@GMAIL.COM
Rating: "Okay."
All Action, No Story
By the end there just wasn't enough to keep me entertained and I found myself growing bored with it very quickly. The break neck action and interesting concepts were fun at first but by the end, I really felt like I needed more and this feature wasn't going to provide it. If you were a fan of the manga, you'll probably be a fan of this feature as well but otherwise this is really just a release for people who are looking for some decent mech action without much story to bog you down.