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Genshiken DVD 1 (Hyb) + Artbox

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Reviews of this title:

Jason Stanley - Feb 8 2006
Rating: Pretty good!
A good anime
A good look into the life of an otaku. Funny, sad at moments and a good anime in my opinnion. Like the trailer says, It's only funny because it's true. It's only sad because it's true.

Otaku Review - Jun 22 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
Do I Sound Like That?
While the comedy in this series is good and the characters are believably average, there is very little in this series that I can really say hooked me in and made me excited to see more. While this series remains to have a strong fan following amongst many in the anime community, I’ve still yet to be convinced of how wonderful it is. Hardcore anime fans will certainly enjoy at least one viewing of this series but until I see more I don’t see it having a lot of replay value with me. Recommended but more as a rainy day series unless you’re a collector.