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Pumpkin Scissors DVD Box Set Part 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Feb 21 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
Worth Seeing - something different
The animation style is that of Fullmetal Alchemist BUT the storyline is completely original.

The PUMPKIN SCISSORS unit (named by their 1st Lt.) is part of the war relief effort (as in after a war) which their country has just gone thru. Their mission is help the war refuges as best they can - food, shelter and they also help out in finding and smashing corruption (Govt people holding back on relief supplies and funds or stealing and selling weapons). OK, it may not sound exciting but they make it exciting.

Needless to say that PUMPKIN SCISSORS is an odd name for anything let alone an Anime series.

The (main character) doesn't explain what PUMPKIN SCISSORS means until two thirds of the way thru the series. I think its one of those Japanese things that may not make alot of sense to us but you see a Pumpkin has a very thick skin so it takes a very sharp and tough scissors to cut thru it. Meaning that their special unit is very Tough and Sharp - hey what can I say - its a Japanese thing which is why we like watching Japanese Anime !!

There's also a corporal who was part of an experiment to improve soldiers and he was part of a special Platoon during the war which specialized in destroying tanks with a special single shot pistol...very interesting background story and he does come in very handy for this new team.

Having seen the whole series I rate this between Pretty Good and OK - One of those series that is worth watching but may not be worth keeping in your collection if you know what I mean.