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Kino's Journey DVD 1 (Hyb): Idle Adventurer

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Reviews of this title:

Aisha F. Cat - May 11 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Kino's Journey Rocks!
I have to say, this is one of the great anime out there. It has nice animation, some humor, touching moments, some powerful dialouge, and the opening and closing theme songs are catchy.

Kino is a traveler who rides on a talking motorcycle, name Hermes. She goes from country to country (which can be as small as towns), and only stays three days. She meets some interesting people and laerns different facts.

She has reasons for this though; when Kino was eleven, she met traveler Kino, and since she didn't like her name, took it after he was killed. Kino (male) built Hermes, who really saved Kino's (female) life.

If you're looking for a cute anime, but also something with action and powerful girls, this is one for you.

Ogie Doggie - Apr 18 2006
Rating: "Okay."
A modern day version of Gullivers Travels
This is a story about a girl who rides her talking motorcycle around from country to country (kinda of like that 1970 series "Then Came Bronson" about a guy who drives his motorcycle around the U.S.A. encourtering different people and attitudes/politics) only Bronson's motorcycle didn't talk to him although with all the drugs going around at that time maybe it did sometimes!!! (I feel really old when I talk about TV series from the 1970's - especially when I remember watching them!).

Anyways back to Kinko's Journey - This is not a comedy but is a serious storyline. It can be some what of a slow anime but it is kinda of a character study so what can I say.

I would rate this between OKAY and Pretty Good since alot of work did go into this - just remember it is a Modern day version of Gulliver's Travels.

This is one of those that I would say if you can get it at a good price then get it (if you know what I mean).