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Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat DVD 1 (Hyb): Nyo!

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Reviews of this title:

Nick J. Cervenka - Jun 20 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Dear Lord I have cavities
I got a free episode with the current New Type. It's... it's good but it's sweeter than a truckload of saccharine. It's japan's version of Teletubbies. Purchase at your own risk.

Emiriu Kiriku Hime - Jul 19 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Absultely ADORABLE!
This anime is abslutely fantastic! It's cute jokes, adorable characters, and clever voicing makes this one of my personal favorites!

It's full of non-stop, crazy, cute, action. It has everyhthing from Meek trying to catch a naughty theiving cat, to Dejiko-Hime blowing stuff up with lazer beams! But, you will fall in love with this story when Dejiko-Hime, Rin, Meek, and Puchiko try to help a young ghastly, movie-star to be ride a bike to film in a movie. Of course, you must watch when Rin teaches Puchiko and Dejiko-Hime how to proplerly bake cakes!

I'd recommend this to a big fan of crazy cuteness!