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Blood Alone Graphic Novel Omnibus Collection 1

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Reviews of this title:

Chris A. S - Jul 6 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
I love it it's like crack
Its so addictive I set threw the hole thing the characters and stories were so amazing and heart felt

Pam P - Jan 14 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
Not Bad
I bought vol 1-5. It's a good manga just not what I'm into I suppose. Still the books are high quality and the story is pretty good. I like the art and the characters are cool. I'm more into romance and drama. This is more of a mysteryish, actiony, crime thing... lol I tried. Does have some romance in it. Anyway, It's good.

One thing I didn't know is that Omnibus means that there are volumes put together in one big book. I don't mind it.