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Garden of Words, The Blu-ray (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Dennis Davie - Aug 2 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Truly beyond wonderful
There is quite literally nothing negative to be said about "Garden of Words" save for its run time. As emotional and dramatic as it is, I could have easily watched it - at its existing caliber - for several hours. I may have run out of tears, but I would have done it.

The match between this 15 year old boy (Akizuki) and a woman he meets in the park (but only when it's raining) grows from barely a nod and a random tanka as she walks away from their first meeting, into what can only be described as something quite possibly more powerful than love. If there is such a thing. Yukino's need for someone to listen, to understand and accept her isn't something I saw as "tragic" per se...more so something that she simply hadn't found yet even when she thought she had. Through a quick series of "bad luck actions / reactions" Yukino is thrown under the proverbial bus by some of her students and can't remain in the school where she is a teacher.

In an ironic spin, the one person who DOES understand her - and cares for her even before he realizes it himself - is a student from her school...though neither has ever seen the other at school. He is a self-trained cobbler, though he admits not a good one. He finally decides he wants to make shoes FOR HER; but shoes that will make her *want* to walk in them. And while the events aren't necessarily rushed in the 45 minutes of run time, we see the events unfold where she allows him to do just that, including being a foot model as they sit in "their garden".

Because I hate to say more than I have already, I will wrap it with: watching the ending is worth EVERY, SINGLE MOMENT spent to reach it. And by this point I was a blubbering mess! The emotions that riddled the screen and story, by and within all, but especially the final scenes simply MUST have been difficult to perform...because as a simple viewer it's difficult to watch and not want to drag Yukino into your arms.

These are two very powerful characters, brought to life in the most superb way and who create once of the most beautiful stories I have ever watched - whether anime or mainstream. I can only finish with, I am glad I own it because this is one title I will watch many times over...and while I have written many of them here, 'words' are incapable of doing justice to this utterly perfect artwork.

son michael - Dec 28 2014
Rating: "Okay."
great buildup with a disappointing finish.
It's a very atmospheric movie, you can see and feel the relationship between the boy and the young adult woman developing but ultimately the end is left to your imagination, will the 2 end up together in the future or have they been forever split apart by adult circumstances? Unfortunately you will never know the answer, the boy is the only one who confesses his love as well so it's not even sure if she fell in love with him either or if he was just a crutch for her, though I would say she fell for him too. Personally I hate things up to my interpretation, I felt like the ending was sad and disappointing. If you like an innocent flirtation story with no clear resolution then this movie is for you.