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Magikano DVD 1 (Hyb): A New Witch in Town

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Reviews of this title:

Justin A. Hylton - Nov 26 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Very funny
This show is very funny one of the funniest shows this year. If you are into comedy and high school anime. This show is for you!!!!

Max P. Sterling - Dec 28 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
LOL this one is alot I mean ALOT like Maburaho with minor differences. But I have to say this one made me laugh alot. If you have a big funny bone don't watch this at night. i had to cops come to my house to because some one complained about all the laughing. But really i didn't think i was that loud. BAKA's.(translation Morons/ idiots / Dummies) any way this one is a winner cant wait for the rest to come out.