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Bride's Story, A Graphic Novel 1 (Hardcover)

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Reviews of this title:

Freddie Merck - May 31 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Beautiful Art, Lovable Characters
This is a fantastic manga, crafted with a great deal of detail in the art, characters, and setting. You will be simply floored when you look at the amount of gorgeous detail that was poured into the pages of this book.

You won't find an especially heavy story here, but rather a slice of life story that manages to be fun to read. It's definitely a character driven manga, and that's fine because the characters are so well done. Each has a distinctive and realistic personality with a fair amount of depth.

If you love exquisite art and charming characters you won't be disappointed with this one.

John A. Callahan - Jun 4 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
As beautiful to look at as it is touching to read.
An arranged marriage between the beautiful (even if considered a bit too old) 20 year-old Amir and her sweet 12 year-old groom Karluk appears to have a spark of love-at-first-sight that is sure to blossom. Amir is strong, skillful, exotic and affectionate. Karluk is sensitive, polite and well-loved by his extended family. It is clear that Amir and Karluk care deeply for one another right from the start and treat one another with respect and concern as if for a precious gift. This may be a fantasy for arranged marriage and for central Asia in general, but it is a lovely fantasy.

Mori-sensei has lent her amazing design and drafting skills to creating a level of detail that is rare indeed. The clothing, tapestries, animals and woodcarvings are simply a joy to see. The manga-eyes are exquisitely expressive and the (too) brief scene of Amir's unashamed nudity is pure delight. This is a series that deserved the deluxe hardbound presentation.

This work may be slow to press because of the detail, but I'm already anxiously awaiting volume 2. Don't miss this gorgeous manga!