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Project A-ko

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Project A-Ko DVD (Hyb)

It's the not-too-distant future, and a metropolis flourishes in the crash site of an alien spacecraft. A-ko, a teenager growing up in this city, enjoys the life of an ordinary schoolgirl... along with incredible superhuman strength! But her carefree days are numbered. Her school rival, B-ko, is not content to live in the shadows any longer. A-ko's superpowers and good fashion sense may not be a match for B-ko's evil genius and Mega-Powered Fighting Robots of Doom!

Project A-ko 2 Graphic Novel

Summer vacation comes to Graviton High School, and the girls can't wait to get out of school! They each have big plans for vacation...but everyone is busy plotting plans for them! It's another all out war for A-ko! Click for more!

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