Baccano! DVD 2 (Hyb)

Mafia goons are doing their best to whack each other on the mean streets of the Big Apple, and hot lead is punching holes in the walls of a cross-country train called the Flying Pussyfoot. But this caper ain't about a simple gangland feud or a train heist. It's about hoods that can't seem to die proper after catching a bullet or five between the eyes.

For now, how's about we start on a ship called the Advenna Avis. Seems a group of guys who never wanna die are summoning a demon, and the proceedings are turning nasty. It's as good a start as any for a story where every Dick and Jane plays the lead.

Contains episodes 5-8.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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*Episode #81 - Talk BACCANO! With FUNimation ADR Director Tyler Walker


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