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Rebirth Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Joseph Huang - Jun 17 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
This is one of the best manga's i've read in a long long time, the story is very good, and drawing aren't bad either. the love the bad @$$ attitude that des has. anyway everyone who loves vampires and the games like Castlevanina, would really like this series.

M. E. Hammond - Jun 19 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Story builds as it progresses
I read a lot o f manga in a month & the first couple volumes of Rebirth were enough to keep my interest, but slowly it has become a fav. The first volume sets up the story for present day, getting into the action quickly, but it was around Vol. 4 or 5 where I found I was reading it among the first of my monthly batches of manga/manwha titles-the assault on the church leading into Desh's backstory. It's worth the time to get to the good part. It's fairly standard on basic idea-former allies now bitter enemies with the servant of light as evil destroyer/creature of darkness as savior twist. Deshwitat is a cool antihero(& pretty cute as a kid) & Kal's the pretty bishonen baddie with Rhett, former friend of Kal's fighting alongside Desh. Millerna's the pretty blond Exorcist in tight/revealing clothes working alongside the creature of Darkness/butting heads with him at times over his evil nature.