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xxxHOLiC Graphic Novel 1

Watanuki Kimihiro is a young man haunted by visions, until he is drawn to the mysterious witch Yuuko, who offers to help vanquish the spirits that torment him - for a price. Now, to pay off his debt, Watanuki must work for Yuuko in her mysterious shop, where wishes are granted to those in need.

But those who seek Yuuko's aid - like a woman with a strange creeping paralysis, and a housewife addicted to her computer - must also pay a price: the sacrifice of something precious. It's an odd and eerie business that only gets stranger when clients from other realms begin to arrive - including two unusual visitors, named Sakura and Syaoran, from a land called Clow...

Presented in traditional Japanese Right-to-Left format.

Story and art by CLAMP.

Anime Today
*Episode #46 - Marie’s Spotlight


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