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Tenchi Muyo: Movies DVD/Blu-ray Collection (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Andre Andrews - Dec 12 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Three Movies In Glorious HD!
I won't go into the details about the plot, since most of you are already familiar with the movies of Tenchi Muyo! So let me cut to the chase...

This is an amazing collection! I ordered it from the RightStuf in November and I just got it! The picture quality is amazing and sound is very crisp and clean. The 16-page art booklet is also a nice little addition to have! Overall, a great package! This set is great for any Tenchi fan!

Eric T. Potter - Dec 24 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Tenchi and the Girls Have Never Looked More Clean and Vibrant!
Anyone having heard of ‘Tenchi’ would already know what it’s about, or would have read elsewhere the basic story. The only thing I have to say to add about this undeniably classic title is that this was historically one of the first harem series ever created, and even today it stands out as something special from the genre. In fact, the OVA was created before the harem genre even became a genre—they were just creating a sci-fi comedy/action show with an over-the-top romantic comedy element to it. Because of that, even amongst other recent harem titles, the girls stand out as having far more living character to them and you just genuinely care about this cast than you would in similar recent shows. Plus, if you have an appreciation for the classics, and/or if you like titles that are weird, inventive, imaginative, funny, and just plain fun, 'Tenchi' is definitely from that spectrum.

Otherwise, the title of my review basically sums it up. As a forewarning, if you already have the Pioneer releases, and if you especially care about special features, you’re better off keeping them. The only downside to Fuminations’ blu-ray release is that it’s as bare-bones as they come—no production sketches, no trailers (except for the third movie, oddly enough, I guess they weren’t able to get all materials), no interview with Christopher Franke (the phenomenal composer of the first movie), not even creditless OP/ED which is even more odd. But if you’re a ‘Tenchi’ fan, and you have a blu-ray player, you’re doing yourself a favor double-dipping on this. If you’re new to the ‘Tenchi’ saga, this is the best time to start checking out this title (just know that two of the movies are actually sequels to the TV series and not the OVA, while ‘Daughter of Darkness’ is a branch from the OVA continuity). Both the OVA and Movie sets come in good-looking, rigid artboxes with art mini-booklets as companion items. The classic OVA itself (that is, precluding the third season which could’ve been a lot better) has never looked more beautiful in its existence, and the equally great movies have been attuned to look even more cinematic than they ever were.

To sum up, all I have to say is—Thank you, Funimation, thank you so much for caring enough about us fans for this special collector’s release! ‘Tenchi’ fans old and new, you owe yourself to get this!