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Saint Seiya DVD 1 (Hyb)

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M E. Hammond - Apr 23 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
Classic shonen adventure
Sadly, most here in the States probably saw Knights of the Zodiac & have decided their opinion of this title from that, but the diff is night & day--or more like Cardcaptor Sakura & Cardcaptors. Knights of the Zodiac changed the plot & personalities as well as changing the massive amounts of blood to purple & green "spiritual energy". Becoming a Zodiac Knight seems to give one an endless supply of blood, particularly Dragon who loses huge amounts of blood & still stays in the fight.This show is about the age of Dragonball & the animation is pretty much what one expects for that day, but the story is interesting & the cast is full of names we know from DBZ-Ryo Horikawa(Vegeta) is Shun Andromeda, Hirotaka Suzuoki(Tenshinhan) is Shiryu Dragon, Tohru Furuya(Yamcha, & Tuxedo Mask/Sailor Moon)is Seiya. The first dvd isn't especially all that great since it opens with the pretty-much-standard Tourni theme, but that is only the starting point--an excuse for the leader of the Zodiac Saints in Sanctuary to declare the Japanese group the enemy & for them to target all who participated in the Tourni which is quickly interrupted & abandoned as Sanctuary sends one after another allegedly more powerful Silver Saint to destroy the 4 Bronze Saints surrounding Saori. The larger plot being Saori is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena & the Pope ruling Sanctuary wants her dead. Unlike Knights of the Zodiac, not only do characters bleed, baddies die--a lot. The first baddie we run into happens to be Ikki Phoenix, the brother of Shun Andromeda, but even he turns out to be just another pawn of the Pope. This title isn't thought-provoking or deep--just a lot of good old-fashioned shonen fighting & you know Seiya, no matter how bad it looks, will always somehow come out on top, but that's expected. For the gals out there, we get a fair amount of fan service every 2 or 3 dvds from a nice pan up Shun's back in the shower to Pope Ares in the bath & a lot of these Saints are bishonen. It's a long title-114 eps if ADV finishes the entire series, but they're giving us 5 eps per dvd with a $20 list which makes this a much better value than DBZ. And this one(up to dvd 11) keeps the pace moving--single battles rarely go more than 1 or 2 eps, but, 55 eps in, the story is still dealing with the first arch-foe Pope Ares & the Bronze Saints have yet to meet him face-to-face.