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Rozen Maiden DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Jordan R. Little - Nov 11 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Awesome Series!
I've seen both the first and second seasons of this anime (I own the first season on DVD) and it's amazing! Unfortunately I waited too long to start collecting the DVDs. I had to get a few from Amazon (Which I hate doing).

Anyways this show is great. It almost comes across as a slice-of-life story with plenty of drama. You'll love all the dolls and the human characters as well.

If you like crying then this show is also for you! I haven't seen the OVA, but I'm really happy Sentai is releasing it with a fresh dub. I can only hope the original voice actors return for this one.

Check it out and buy it today!

Brandon Sarabdial - Dec 10 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
I have watched quite a number of Anime series, but none have impacted me as much as Rozen Maiden has. I do not believe that any Anime can be perfect, but for me, this is as close as it got.

Generally whatever I watch has at least one character I dislike, but this series has none. All characters have wonderful, well developed personalities that grows as the series progresses. The music can be a little bland at times, however, there are certain songs that stick out and fit it perfectly (like the amazing openings). The English VAs were pretty average (maybe a little above), so it wasn't annoying or spectacular. There aren't that many fight scenes, but when they happened they were pretty good! As for the story, it is pretty unique. There are some slice-of-life moments where everything is calm and peaceful then serious things happen that keep your eyes glued to the screen.

This collection includes the OVAs which is really amazing! Even though the OVAs are only 2 episodes, so much effort was placed into it. I strongly recommend anyone to check out Rozen Maiden! If you've read the manga then you should still watch this. There are tons of things added to the Anime that the manga does not have.