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Vampire Knight DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

tiger d. valentine - Feb 4 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
this is a great anime but this "Complete Series" is not the complete series this is only the first season if you want the rest you have to get Vampire Knight: Guilty which is the second season theres 26 episodes all together not just 13.

J L - Aug 24 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
Good show, but Yuki is the most annoying character
I like this show, I just wish Yuki was more of an interesting heroine instead of a simpering little girl always having to be rescued. I mean really, she is supposedly one of only two "guardians" to protect the human students from the vampires, and yet its always Zero or Kaname that has to rush in and save her helpless, stupid damsel butt, not to mention she is always letting herself get snacked on by vampires. Annoying.

I do love the pretty boys (Zero and Kaname) though, them and the other vampires (male and female, Seiren is my fave even though she hardly speaks, Hanabusa and Idou are also very cool) are much more interesting as characters than Yuki. It's too bad because Yuki could've been written a lot better, as a more kick-ass character and I might have cared about her problems. But all I see is an annoying little ditz, and I just don't get why both the main hotties Zero and Kaname are so fascinated by her- maybe the helplessness thing? It doesn't bode well for an anime when the main character has about as much depth as a teaspoon.

Thankfully there are lots of other cool characters in this anime to save it from the mediocrity that is Yuki. Even the wacky Cross is always a hoot to watch. It's only because of the weakness of the Yuki character that I give this anime a "pretty good" instead of a "wonderful". The second season has some more interesting stuff happening, unfortunately Yuki's character doesn't improve very much, so be warned. Other than that, this is a good anime worth buying, you will probably enjoy it if you like vampires and gorgeous guys with some interesting storylines. If you are looking for a good female lead character though, don't expect to find it here. Yuki is just a plot device, a female seemingly created only for the main male leads to fawn over while the rest of us ladies drool over them. The only other females in this series are the vampire ladies Seiren and Risa (Rika?) but when they appear, they are pretty cool.

Oh, and by the way, this is the "complete" set of Vampire Knight, it only has 13 episodes. That's all. The second season is called Vampire Knight: Guilty and it also only consists of 13 episodes. Together, both seasons have 26 eps but each season is a separate, complete set.