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Reviews of this title:

Vernon E. Parker - Dec 12 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Good story in need of better editing
So, the premise of this show is what intrigued me. A girl raised to be harvested for parts is rescued, grows up to be a doctor, and secretly plots to bring the ones responsible for her real eyes to justice. Sounds great right? But alas, that is not an accurate description of what this cartoon is about. The part about her growing up to be a surgen is true, she is not seeking justice however, she is merely seeking answers. She is also not raised to be harvested for parts, her existence had a much more sinister purpose, her eyes being harvested is just a byproduct of her existence. In addition to the description being a bit misleading this is another recent release that could have used some better editing as this show took forever to get anywhere near the true plot. The beginning episodes were more getting to know how she interacts with the supporting cast in a very round about kind of way. This is one of those shows that probably would have been better served in a movie. Unless you are just a hard core collector like I am, this is probably a rent decision for most casual anime fans than a buy. The beginning episodes and the latter episodes are definitely worth a watch.