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Slayers DVD Seasons 1-3 Collection (Hyb)

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Louis Gagliano - Oct 12 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
A collection I highly recommend.
3 seasons. 78 episodes total. I bought this series aat an anime convention and it took more a few weeks to get through it all. I enjoyed this series very much. The first two seasons were exceptional (Slayers, and Slayers Next). Season three overall was good although at one point it breaks off ito these stories that I felt had nothing to do with the overall plot but were added in my opinion as fillers to make sure season 3 (also called Slayers TRY) ran 26 episodes like the first 2 seasons. Still the conclusion was worth waiting for even with the side trek part way through.

Lisa Ortiz is a perfect voice for the character Lina Inverse. Like another character she voices (Azalyn from Irresponsible Captain Tylor) Lina is young, petite individual. Adding to her band of misfits companions is a clueless but tacticly superior fighter Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadis Greywords a chimera made of rock golem, brau demon, and human, and Amelia Seyruun with an unwavering belief in justice, though often times she could also be considered a bit of a comedy relief.

There are others in the cast who pop up from time to time to add either to the drama or comedy of the moment. This series does an excellent job of making sure things don't get too serious or too comedic.

While I rated this series overall as just "Pretty Good" the first two seasons rated as "Wonderful" It is only that little side trek that I mentioned in Slayers TRY that knocked the rating down a little. Still this is a series I can recommend without reservations to anybody who likes a series with some magic, some fighting (but not gory fighting) Hero's and Heroiness, and a bit of good vs evil adventures. This is the series for you.