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I'm Gonna Be An Angel DVD 3 (Hyb): Angel Baby

As if Yuusuke didn't have his hands full taking care of Noelle's crazy family, now Natsumi has a "little" problem. And the timing couldn't be better because the Durian Comet is heading toward Earth. It's supposed to be able to grant people's wishes. Maybe everyone will have their dreams fulfilled this time. But wait! What is Dispel doing in the Human World?

Contains 4 Episodes!

Step 10: The Thing at the End of the Tunnel
Noelle goes to a festival with Yuusuke were he buys her a suspicious mechanical toy, Bun-bun. Miruru, disguised as a vendor, tells Noelle that if she can raise Bun-bun properly it will turn into an angel. However, Yuusuke has his doubts. Although Bun-bun acts innocently when Noelle is around, things are different when she's not...

Step 11: It's Suddenly Time to Say Good-bye
The Durian Comet passes Earth once every 8 years. This is that lucky year! If you put a Durian on your head, your wishes will come true. Everyone at school is preparing for the Durian Festival and Yuusuke and Natsumi have been chosen to be committee members. But something's not quite right with Natsumi...

Step 12: To Like is to be Liked?
Natsumi has turned into a little girl. She is living with Yuusuke and Noelle until Yuusuke can figure out how to turn her back to normal. Wrapped up in taking care of Natsumi, Yuusuke's attention is drawn away from Noelle. But Noelle is still determined to become an angel. And little Natsumi has been asking for her deceased brother. Will the approaching Durian Comet grant everyone's wishes?

Step 13: Round 'n' Round and Back at the Start
Fed up with Miruru's string of failures, Dispel comes to the human world himself! He tries to lure Noelle to him by promising to make her an angel. Yuusuke has been so preoccupied with little Natsumi; will he save Noelle in time? Amid all the chaos, Noelle's halo starts to shine!

DVD Features: Translation Notes, Reversible Cover, Creditless Opening.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.


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