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Hellsing Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Jonathan Gamer - Apr 28 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
This manga is about a Vampire named Alucard who work's with the Hellsing Organization. The Organization is known for hunting down vampires and ghoul's(Zombies). Alucard team's up with the Police Officer-turned-Vampire girl, Seras Victoria, to keep London safe.

This Manga is really entertaining because it has some interesting character's, some nice art, and cool action scene's. I can't say much about this manga and it's worth spending your money along with the rest of the volumes.

Jakob Asbury - Dec 18 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Read It!!!
You will never know if you like a series unless you start it. With "Hellsing" being drawn in a somewhat hurried art form it really keeps you in the mood. Breaking out from having frames and and speak bubbles everywhere it jumps around. It is a little hard at times to understand some characters since they are German or something else, but I found myself sometimes saying and acting out how a certain character is because of this. You just feel like your watching everything in real life as it goes on and really ingrains you into the book. For someone starting out, this is not the book for you. Pick this as your third choice just because you have to be in the manga mind set to just soak it all in; or pick it as your first if you want a challenge. This seemed like one of the longest series I read just because it is jam packed with everything, but it does give you a lot to read and it will prepare you for future things to come later on, in the book or a later issue. So just read "Hellsing" and see how you like it.