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Squid Girl DVD Part 1 (Hyb) (Season 1)

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Reviews of this title:

Jordan R. Little - Sep 29 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Anime great, well what I could see...
I want to say first off that the dub was well done. 'Squid Girl' keeps her squidtalk (But loses DeGeso in the process.) Eiko sounds a little off, but I'm sure her voice will grow on me. Chizuru sounded great and so did Sanae.

The reason I'm not commenting on everyone else is simple. The second disk was damaged pretty badly during the delivery and watching only four episodes seemed rather pointless to me.

Now I want to get something straight before I continue. I DO NOT believe Rightstuf is responsible. Whoever put this DVD together is. I opened the case and both disks had been sliding inside the case. The disk-holders aren't catching the DVDs and keeping them still. So that's why the second DVD was scratched up so badly.

I do recommend buying this, but they need to switch the cases out for something better.