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Shuffle! DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

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Reviews of this title:

craig k. agnew - Oct 7 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
i dont know
i hope u make a second season because it is really funny i couldn't stop laughing that guy rin kept on getting picked on left and right i hope u make a second season and make it funnier that will make my day

E-D carter - Jul 11 2013
Rating: Not all that good.
the ads lied[ funimation] ,this is more like psychology 1st year .
on the ads , it is implied as a light sit-com , with lots of fun Accidents ... WRONG !!! this is like year one psychology , "the problems of the female brain " a very good example of a Female psychopath and others too . [ i have 7 degrees in psychology ] this has the bare minimum of what the ads promote. in my opinion, they used all the shots to make the ad ... the only extra is 2 full frontal shots , sneaked in . if you want to solve a mystery of the mind and what is it is capable of doing ...this is for you ...if your looking for light sit com , keep looking.

E-D Carter specialist abnormal psychology 24 yrs .