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Girls Bravo DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

William M. Grimmett - May 26 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Lots of fan-service....Lots of laughs
Great series if you ask me. If you love to laugh at random & stupid stuff..then this show is for you. Has a lot of fan-service though so obviously not for minors or prude girlfriends (lol). If you don't mind the nudity or pantie shots then this is a must have for your anime collection. Both seasons are full of laughs & good times. Some episodes will have you sad but only briefly.

atephanie v. gonzalez - May 27 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
wheres' season 3?
i love this show. it has everything that a anime show should have. But everyone i know including me are wondering"where is season 3?" there are reports about lack of funds to make it, but we want to see more. You guys have left us hanging by a piece of thread. sure this show is a few years old, but us anime fans want to see more of this. there is plenty of plots to start off from. You can possibly make an episode of Yukinari's best friend from child hood to reveal her feelings to him. so please discuss this topic,even make a blog about it. i garuntee that you will have lots of comments and people who would be so excited.

John A. Callahan - Jan 3 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
Who doesn't love cute girls?
First, you will not find anything new here - all your favorite anime tropes are here in spades. That said, the girls are kawai, the situations are funny, there is a ton of fan-service and there is even a sweet ending with our unlikely hero overcoming a grand conspiracy. In short, there is much to like. Miharu is adorable, innocent, loving, faithful and (of course) outrageously well-endowed. Yukinari is cute as the shy gynophobe who, unlike the fantasies of everyone watching, seems to be actively avoiding intimate encounters with any of the fair damsels. Fukuyama, the handsome perv, may be the most irritating male character ever, but even he has his good side. Kyrie - the girl next door tsundere (sound familiar)? Koyomi - you'll want to chase her down just like Fukuyama. Lilica - martial arts head maid - look out for her! This is a fun series, well worth a watch.