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Naruto Graphic Novel 2

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Reviews of this title:

Karilyn A. Liddle - Jun 3 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Naruto is probably the most hilariously funny mangas I've ever read in my entire life! Never before have I myself seen a mixture of seriousness and comedy that I've almost wet myself. Some parts have even reminded me of my past years in high school where everyone wanted to compete with eachother to be the best. Full of both action and funny quirks, it's bound to create a widespread fanbase just from it's style. Personally, I've put this series way up into first place in my list of favorite animes and mangas, just because of it's style of humor. And if you do try it, be prepared to laugh your head off in the fun atmosphere of Naruto's world.

Mark Alv - Aug 26 2010
Rating: "Okay."
Yes, plot!
This volume, while not the best by any means, is when the plot starts. There are actual tough villains, the characters get more likable, the fight scenes are stepped up a notch, and its over all better then volume 1. It still isn't great though.