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My-HiME DVD 5 (Hyb)

The true purpose of the HiME is finally revealed. They must fight to defeat each other's Child until only one HiME is left standing - or else the world will be destroyed. The HiME make a pact among themselves to not attack each other, but forces in the shadows manipulate them and the HiME battles soon begin. Despite all of her efforts to stop the fighting, Mai will lose the person who she holds most dear and is fighting to protect.

My-HiME DVD 7 (Hyb)

The final dance of the HiME draws to a close as the last of the HiME battle each other. Realizing that Yuichi loves Mai and not her, Shiho attacks Mai, but Mai is unable to fight back because if either one of them is defeated, Yuichi will die.

My-HiME Graphic Novel 2

During the course of the battle with Nao, Mia uncovers the truth behind the attack on Yuuichi's "little sister" Shiho, while Yuuichi learns more about his own as yet untapped power. A HiME battle is announced, and to ensure Mai's participation, poor Mikoto is the bait. The consequence of losing this grudge match? Nothing less than being forced to leave the Academy!

My-HiME Graphic Novel 3

After the members of the Anti-Orphan Squad fall down a rabbit hole created by Midori, the team must try to navigate the vast underground cavern beneath Fuka Academy. The team's best hope of escape lies with none other than Nao! As they look for a way out, Yuuichi learns about Midori's secret past as a young archeologist, and her terrifying adventure inside a pyramid!

My-HiME Graphic Novel 4

The Fuuka Academy Culture Festival is under new management and may just fly off without a hitch, but Yuuichi is down in the dumps about school. While searching for trouble in some ruins, the Anti-Orphan Squad find an old gate that holds a mystic power. Could the creatures sealed behind the gate be the Anti-Orphan Squad's new enemy?!

My-HiME Graphic Novel 5

The Princess Star continues its way toward Earth and even darker forces are now emerging. The HiME are up against the Three Space Beauties in a battle that has all of humanity at stake! Who will come out victorious in the concluding volume of MY-HiME?

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