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Gungrave DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - Anime Classics

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Brandon Heat - Oct 17 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Perhaps the greatest anime of all time
Best ending in an anime I've seen thus far. Very sad, emotional, and excellent in every way. I must confess it is absolute heart shattering and brought me to bawl my eyes out with tears. make sure to watch the dub Kirk Thornton always wins by landslide as he is a master of voice acting Brandon Heat as well as Jin from Samurai Champloo, every dialogue and poetic quote he says throughout the story is complete bliss really. This anime is perhaps amongst the greatest of all time. All the characters are so emotionally realistic, that each character has their own unique style and feel to them. From the beginning with the gang at their bar to the end of it all for one last shot at glory the loose ends are tied together and gives you a perfect sense of closure to a great series.

Kickass opening & ending theme as well.

I give Gungrave a 10/10.