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Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel 2: Sigh of Haruhi (Paperback)

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Bryan D. Chaney - Oct 11 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
A further delving into the world of Haruhi Suzumiya
If you are familiar with the anime series, you'll remember it starts out with the movie that Haruhi made for the cultural festival. It was a rather confusing movie, filled with gratuitous cheesecake, logical leaps, inserted commercials, and cynical narration by Kyon, the main narrator of the series. In the movie, you see some things that happen, but never referred to later or explained, such as the cat Shamisen speaking suddenly on the silent Yuki Nagato's shoulder.

This novel is about the creation of that movie, and as such gives a little different perspective. It wasn't just poor special effects that showed up in the final film, but other wild imaginings of Haruhi Suzumiya, such as pigeons turning white and pretty cosplaying waitresses suddenly being able to shoot out laser beams. This causes those observing Haruhi to become more and more worried.

Overall, the novel continues the same tone of fun with occasional philosophical digressions on the nature of reality that marked the first novel, while providing a little more insight who or what Haruhi Suzumiya is. For the most part, it seems that the translation is good, but I do have question a few inclusions. The use of terms seems inconsistent; did the original really reference The Golden Globes, Bryan Adams and Marilyn Manson? Yet in other places, the original Japanese terms and references are left untranslated. For the most part, though, those small annoyances don't detract from the enjoyment. However, I do think the novel would benefit from a straight translation with a short endnote section, like some manga publishers include. On the other hand, the inclusion of the color illustrations at the end of the novel are welcome addition, and I hope that Yen Press continues with the remaining novels.